Thursday, September 21, 2017

The how to of travel SEO

There is a growing importance of organic optimizations in the travel industry today. With more and more people turning to online search to find travel services, it has become essential for any travel agency to have a good online presence and for this SEO is a great way to go.

Using SEO not only does a travel company improve its online visibility but this allows it to fetch more customers at a reduced cost. This method also helps build a better user experience to that leads can be generated and more sales are made. For travel SEO services it is also important for a business to hire experts as they are the only ones who can perform this method in the best possible manner. Outsource SEO services India is a good option when looking for professional travel SEO.

 Search Engine optimization has also seen a lot of changes in the past few years and for a travel business they must follow a systemic approach in order to achieve their goals. Some steps a travel company should follow include:

  • Begin with keyword research and ensure that you find the most relevant ones that fit your business. Yes travel SEO keywords are usually the same but you can choose to go for long tail keywords or even ones that have location mentioned in the. This will help you build a good base for your SEO to work on
  • Content for your travel site and links- Creating content that has some value to the user will put you in a better position and ensure your SEO is more effective. Just be careful not to copy from anywhere or over stuff keywords
  • Use visual content to enhance user experience and ensure that they convert more
  • Acquire links from authority sites and get listed on top travel sites as well
  • Do not forget about mobile and put equal efforts for optimizations here
  • Local SEO , reputation management (user reviews), Social media marketing are other things you need to take care of

These are the how to point for a successful travel SEO campaign.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How user behaviour is a big factor in SEO now

SEO is one method of online promotions that has seen many changes through the years, most of which have involved search engines trying to provide users with better results. This has finally led us here where user intent and behaviour has become a big factor for businesses that are looking for quality SEO results and rank better on Google.

Thus, any company now that wants to optimize better for SEO needs to consider its audience and then proceed forward. Those that have hired or are looking to hire Outsource SEO agencies in India should look for ones that understand this essential need of optimizations and thus, provide relevant solutions.  Best SEO expert India professionals should be able to optimize keeping a company’s niche audience in mind and this way ensure better conversions as well.

To understand this better here are a few ways in which user behaviour and SEO are now connected:
  • Since social media is now so popular thus, social signals can do a lot for your SEO. Markets can get useful information from such platforms and thus, target people better and even know about their likes and dislikes
  • Website designing now should be done to provide users with a good experience when they visit. The more time a person spends on a site and interacts with it the better chances of conversions and even SEO boost
  • NAP and local optimizations- Now search engines like Google prefer companies that have their name address and contact information readily available. This is because they want to present people with more relevant results which are nearer to them and can be contacted easily. Local optimizations also play a major role now

These things show how important now it is to consider user intent when performing SEO.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

AdWords tips for businesses using it the first time

We all know how famous Google search engine is. Today more than half the people on the internet make use of this search engine to find a business, product, service or anything else. This is why marketing here is a great way for any business to improve its customer numbers.

While SEO is a great method to help promote on Google search results, PPC is one that can get quick results. For a business using PPC might mean more investment but garnering quick results is also a good benefit.  So, when looking to market your business on Google using PPC you need to make use of AdWords, which is a paid advertising tool for Google search marketing. Using it you can launch PPC campaigns and start seeing results. For the latter part you also need professional Google AdWords campaign management services which is what PPC experts can provide, so hire them.

Other than this here are a few useful tips that businesses using AdWords for the first time should know about:

  • AdWords has many tools which can help you in keyword research, planning and even analytics for your campaigns. So make use of them to ensure better PPC advertising
  • Even targeting options are great in AdWords which can help you attract more relevant people
  • Have proper budget management in place and try not to go overboard. If you have lost out on one keyword you can always search for other better ones
  • Optimize landing pages and have them linked to the relevant ads, so that people who click reach the right place. Remember the main page of your website is not always a good option for a landing page
  • Ad extensions have seen an update this year and this can prove beneficial for your business

Keeping these in mind you can begin using AdWords for your paid advertising.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Take a Peek at the great ‘Laxminarayana Temple’

The Laxminarayana Temple has been built elaborately with a modern touch. The interiors of the temple have beautiful carvings, all of which depict different mythological scenes. The walls of the temples are ornamented with quotes from the Bhagad Geeta and the Upanishads.
The temple complex has the main shrine dedicated to the Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. There are also other smaller shrines that are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman and Goddess Durga. There is also a temple dedicated to Buddha.

The Geeta Bhavan in the temple has walls adorned with beautiful paintings. Most of the paintings in the temple complex are created by artists from Jaipur, Rajasthan. The unique thing about the temple is the presence of a manmade mountainous landscape, complete with fountains and a waterfall. The Buddha temple is adorned with beautiful murals depicting the life and work of Buddha. All the idols of the temple are crafted in marble and have been brought from Jaipur.

The Janmashtami Festival (birth of Lord Krishna) is celebrated here with great grandeur.

As a devotee, Laxminaraya Temple is an important place to visit but not just that, a tourist can enjoy the magnificence of the temple too. The beautiful gardens of the temple and the artificial landscape will take you closer to the nature and leave you mesmerized.

If you are running a travel agency and want to get higher returns for your travel firm, get SEO done for your travel websites. Most of the bookings now a days are done via internet and having your travel site on top of search engine listing will increase the chance of you getting more business. If you are not well versed about how SEO for travel websites work, hire travel SEO services from a reputable SEO agency. They will help you achieve better ROI from your travel site. You may also get in touch with SEO expert India professionals to achieve best results.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ecommerce SEO Not Just About Traffic But Conversions

Many times you might have heard that using the best ecommerce SEO services can help you get a good rank on Google search results and this way improve website  traffic and visibility. While this is all true SEO today is not just about getting people to click on your website link on Google but it has gone beyond into ensuring better conversions rates. Let’s face it getting more website traffic is good but unless most of them are buying from you there is hardly any use of this. Thus, it is time you focus on not just improve visitor numbers but conversions as well.

When an e-store goes in for outsource SEO services it can get quality SEO solutions but now it should even ask for services to help improve its conversion rates. Many top digital agencies will offer such services too and this is why you need to hire the right ones. Apart from this some things you can do to improve better conversions for your e-store include:

  • Have a great website- This not only means that it should look good but it should be fast to load and easy to navigate. The better user experience you give the more chances there are for people to convert
  • Visual content is another thing that can encourage people to buy. If you have great images and videos of your products present this can attract people better
  • Written content is also good and if you have fresh and quality things posted it can also lead to better conversion rates
  • Personalization- Provide special offers deals and other such things to users as this is a powerful way to get them to buy items
  • Finally customer reviews are seen by many nowadays before they decide to buy and if you have good reviews posted you can get your sales

These are great ways to improve conversion rates for any e-store.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Do’s and Don’ts of having a SEO friendly travel site

It is common knowledge that having a good presence on Google search results is a wonderful thing for any business. Travel businesses too need to promote themselves effectively on this platform if they want to attract more customers. For promoting on Google search results the two main methods are PPC and SEO, while one targets organic search results the other is a paid advertising method.

Usually small businesses go in for travel SEO services as this fits their budget better and can get them good online visibility. For Travel SEO solutions you can always consider outsource SEO India services to hire a competent SEO agency. The outsource SEO companies have the requisite skills and resources to get you enhanced rankings.

There are also certain do’s and don’ts that you should know about when it comes to travel SEO and getting the right results. These include:

The Do's:

  • Have user friendly web pages that can help keep clients engaged and ensure better conversions
  • Link your site to good websites and have natural links. Also get listed on local directories and other business directories
  • Have good images and videos on your site and create separate landing pages for your popular locations
  • Have content that gives some value for the users and provides them with useful information
  • Have good user reviews on your site

The Don'ts:

  • Do not over use keywords and try and not use to broad meaning words
  • Do not use images to display text
  • Do no copy content or have multiple copies of a page
  • Do not have unnatural links in place and avoid broken links within your main page
  • Do not have a website that is not easy to navigate

Following these few steps will help you create a more SEO friendly travel site.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Search Traffic On Mobile Now More Than 50% As Noted By A Recent Study

It has been noted by a recent report that search traffic from mobiles and tablets has now become almost 57% of the overall searches. This study also noted that rankings for many keywords was different on mobile and desktop platforms. It has been seen that almost 79% of keywords searches rank differently on mobile and desktop. Out of this 47% keywords are between the first and twentieth position.

Seeing this it is clear that unless a business is giving equal focus to both its desktop and mobile pages it might end up losing a good opportunity and not getting enough visibility for its important pages. Another important thing to note is that almost 35% of the time the first site to show up on search results will be different.

To ensure that businesses don’t lose out on this opportunity they need to assess both their mobile and desktop marketing strategies and adjust accordingly. This means that not only should you have a fast loading and mobile friendly site bit one which understands user intent better.

There is a lot more to be learned about such things and this can help in a big way to improve search marketing.

To get better SEO results, companies may hire SEO expert professionals or look for an offshore partner to get SEO Outsourcing Services. Outsourcing agencies not only help in getting better ranks but they also follow the latest techniques of SEO.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Smart outsource SEO tips for small businesses

It is a fact that outsourcing SEO today can be a good decision for any business. Smaller companies especially that are in need of quality and cost- effective SEO services should definitely consider outsource SEO India companies. When compares to in-house SEO this is a better option and hiring a competent SEO expert India will get you the results that you need.

But the most important thing for any of this to happen is first finding the right outsourcing SEO agency to hire. While there are many options for you today a small business needs to be smart in picking the right one. Thus, some useful tips for this include:

  • Don’t follow the concept of “their website is nice then the company will also be good”- Anyone can now design a good website what matters more is the services you are getting and how effective will they prove. So go for services rather than the look
  • Don’t be fooled by the fake guarantee of number 1 rank. In SEO no one can guarantee you good ranks and if someone does then they are lying or don’t know what they are talking about. No do not trust a firm that guarantees top ranks
  • You need to ask about the services you are getting, ensure that you are promised weekly/monthly reports and also ethical means of optimizations
  • Never hire freelancers rather go for a SEO agency as this way your money stays safe and you get more comprehensive services
  • Finally be sure that the firm you are hiring knows about the latest in SEO, because this will be the difference between good and bad results.

These are some smart tips for a small business to pick out the right SEO agency.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Steps A Business Should Take For PPC Success

Pay per click marketing though very beneficial is not the easiest of online marketing methods. This type of marketing has its own sets of tools, options and platforms that one needs to fully understand in order to get things right.  This is why any business that is looking to use paid advertising should hire PPC experts India to handle its campaigns. If you are looking for paid marketing on Google search results you can hire professionals from a leading Google AdWords Management company India.

While hiring a PPC specialist gives you peace of mind that all your AdWords related needs are taken care of, a business should also follow certain steps to ensure that its paid advertising is doing well. These include:

  • One of the best things about AdWords is that it helps your track and monitor a lot of things related to your campaigns. So you need to make use of these options to ensure proper results
  • Be attentive to campaign basics like- search query mining, account structure, Ad creative, Landing Page Design, Bid Management. These are few key areas one should look to optimize and be attentive to
  • Video campaigns are now a standard part of PPC as it is one of the most powerful content out there
  • Since mobile is surpassing desktop, thus, optimizing for smaller screens is something you can’t do without. Mobile advertising is very important to ensure quality results
  • Personalized ads based on your niche market is another was to ensure good results in Paid advertising

These are few simple but effective tips for quality PPC results.

The Benefits Outsourcing SEO Has Over In-House

It is no secret that one of the best online marketing methods today is SEO. While many may think otherwise organic optimizations still hold a lot of benefits for any business provided they are performed in a proper way. Outsource SEO India has been a popular choice for many companies now as here they are able to get cost-effective and high quality services. When a business hires an SEO expert India, it is able to get the latest solutions which actually get results.

With this being said there are still many companies that think performing SEO in house is a better option as outsourcing it. Thus, to help better understand how outsourcing is more useful than in-house here are a few of its benefits over it:

  • Do you really have the time to train in-house staff or look for a competent SEO professional to hire? Well most businesses don’t, thus outsourcing is used to reach out to a competent SEO agency and hire professionals based on your needs
  • When you hire an agency there is an implementation of various resources and ideas, all of which work towards getting you the best possible results. Any SEO agency which is worth the investment will have a competent SEO team, maybe content writers and other such professionals, all these people work to ensure better SEO
  • It is also more cost effective when compared to in-house
  • Another important thing to note is that using outsourcing you are able to see better results as you get the latest services and experienced professionals working for you
  • Finally, most businesses are using outsource SEO now and may be your competitors too. So isn’t it better to have an experienced SEO firm on your side


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