Friday, January 23, 2009

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

This is a very fast moving world and the technology is evolving every moment. This is a techno era and to keep pace with the ever evolving technology, we need to keep pace with the changing time.

When we create a websites, we do the cross browser compatibility check. But how many of us (please note the %age) really check the mobile friendliness of our site? We are happy, if our site is compatible with multiple browsers. But have you ever thought about those users who access your website from their mobile phones? Today, when the whole world has become mobile and nothing is static, we can not afford to forget the importance of mobile browsing.

One more reason to make your website mobile friendly is that in countries like India, where internet penetration is low, mobile penetration is quite healthy at almost 300 million. Estimates show that the number of web-enabled phones outnumber the number of PC internet users in India.

So as a webmaster, if you want maximum exposure for your website, don’t forget to make your website mobile friendly.

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