Saturday, June 17, 2017

Getting ecommerce SEO right?

E-stores today see a lot of competition online, especially since the increased popularity of online buying. More and more ecommerce websites are coming up making it harder to attract people and stay ahead of the game. SEO has been a leading method of promoting an ecommerce site online which many companies make use of now. SEO can get an e-store good ranks on the search results of Google and this way ensure better online visibility and more website traffic. Any ecommerce website which has more people visiting it stands a better chance at making sale and this is why SEO is such a big deal to get right.

Many companies now go in for outsource SEO India services to get professional ecommerce SEO services. But before a business goes in for such solutions it needs to make some changes to its website so that organic optimizations once applied can begin showing good results. These include-

  • Unique product descriptions- Using manufacturer’s descriptions for your products can cause repeated content to be present on your website. Search engines are extremely strict when it comes to this and it can ultimately cause your campaign to lose it effectiveness. Creating unique product descriptions thus is a better way to go
  • User reviews- By encouraging users to write reviews about the products they purchase from your website you can gain free and unique content every time.
  • Site Structure- One of the most important things for any e-store is that it should have an easy to navigate website no matter what the screen size. Being mobile friendly is essential so is having a fast loading page
  • Have more engaging, fresh and quality content on your webpage that has some value for users
  • Optimize product images and be sure to use videos as they are a powerful form of content today

These few tips can help for better SEO performance.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Professional PPC services and why you need them?

Pay per click is a popular method of online promotions. It involves posting paid ads on different platforms and when these are clicked the marketer is required to pay a certain fee. The ads in PPC work to attract relevant people so that they can click on them and be redirected to landing pages where they can buy the products or avail the services from. PPC altogether works to divert more traffic to a business website and this way improve chances of gaining customers. It is a fast method which starts showing results almost instantly once ads are launched.

Though PPC has many benefits to it, this method is not an easy one to perform and needs a PPC expert for it to give the best results. This is why a business looking to use paid advertising should always hire a professional PPC agency India. Here it can get qualified PPC professionals who are well-versed with using the tools and options of different PPC platforms.

Hiring such professionals also have other benefits the main of which include-

  1. ·         Keep your money from being wasted and have better budget management strategy  in place
  2. ·         Get only the latest solutions which are according to the recent trends
  3. ·         Everything from ad designing to landing page is taken care
  4. ·         Regular monitoring is done using tools to ensure that PPC ads are yielding results
  5. ·         You get reports on how the campaign is performing
  6. ·         Updates are made when necessary and only the bet keywords are focused on to garner the best results
  7. ·         All issues related to PPC are fixed to ensure campaigns perform well

So, always remember that if you use PPC to market your business online, having experts is great way to get desired results

Friday, April 28, 2017

Podcasts’ Rich Results on Google SERP

Google has introduced a new feature on the pallet - rich result for podcasts. This will allow a string of podcasts to show up on the search engine result page (SERP), when the user searches for it. Defined as “an episodic series of digital media files which a user can set up so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user's own local computer or portable media player”, the podcast is a blend of words such as iPod and broadcast. Place your hand on one of such digital marketing course in Noida.

With this new feature, podcasters will be able to showcase their podcast in search result pages by giving separate episode descriptions coupled with an embedded player for each of such podcast. This is made available to users only through the Google Home or the Google Search app v6.5 or higher versions specifically on Android devices. Equal support for Chrome on an Android device is to be launched soon.

Ways to Index Podcasts

  • Design a suitable Rich Site Summary (RSS) feed that entails a brief description about the podcast. Ensure that it adheres to the RSS 2.0 guidelines and feed requirements pertaining to additional tags and values.
  • It is essential that the feed includes at least one episode, conforming to the page requirements.
  • The developer must ensure that the podcast has a committed homepage bearing all the essential components. Also, there should be a <link> that directs you to the RSS feed.
  • Everything - the homepage, the RSS feed, and any non-blocked audio files should be revealed to Googlebot for best results.

Add Structured Data for Podcasts for Better Results

Having structured data in place will enhance the SERP presence. It also provides suggestion to the search engines to crawl your content. For this, tags are a necessity at dual levels – at a podcast and at the episode-level. This will pull up rich results.

Digital marketing institute in Noida can provide assistance to access these courses – all for your betterment.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Important Facets of SEO to Win Web Traffic

SEO strategies are being redefined every other day to gather momentum in this fast-paced digital world. User needs are driving these strategies, giving much impetus to digital marketing course in Noida. However, to derive best results it is absolutely essential for companies to devote time and resources to learn the nuances of the SEO campaign. It’s best not to fall apart in competition.

Enhance Business Scope through Google My Business and Bing Places

Take the most of Google’s free service ‘Google My Business’ which enables a company to display the operational hours of your business along with contact details. It also includes directions to reach your office, being heavily optimized on Google Search and Google Maps. Additionally, the business logo and images of the business premise and employees gives an extra layer of value-addition.

In similar lines, you can take advantage of Bing Places. However, as the user penetration of Google is much higher than Bing, the scope of gathering traffic is also higher with Google, nearing 3.5 billion searches every day.

Play it High on Using Structured Data

Users are advised to use structured data, also termed as schema markup to optimize search results. Schema markup are codes which enhance the qualitative information about your products, specifically makes it more customized by citing the product prices and listing offerings near to your location during the search.

Having such structured data in place will further help web crawlers to systematically browse the World Wide Web and get a grasp of your web pages along with its content. Be sure today itself whether your website is built with such structured data through the Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and get optimum benefits.

Learning these facets could help you grab the best SEO course in Noida and get a foot forward in this digital environment.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Social Media - Leading the List of Online Priorities 2010

According a report published by MarketingProfs, Social media is leading the list of Online Marketing and overall interactive strategies of 2010. The report is based on a survey from ISITE Design.

The report says that most companies plan to invest heavily in social media. Nearly 73.5% consider Social Media as part of their online strategy. Among other online priorities, Web analytics scored second with 60.5% of companies planning to give it more priority in the year 2010, closely followed by user experience (59.5%), and rich media (49.5%).

Source: MarketingProfs. Click here to read the complete report.

Google Warns Goojje

Google has warned a Chinese search website to stop using their logo that bears a close resemblance to their own. The home page of the website in question (Goojje) is adorned with a Google-styled logo along with the very familiar paw print logo of Baidu Inc. Goojje provides search and social networking services. Goojje has already stopped using its original URL, and all the visitors typing in the address are now getting automatically redirected to, though the content appears to be the same.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Social Media Ruling The Trend

Social media is the new buzz in SEO fraternity. Started as a platform to get connected and be social, the media is now extensively used by SEOs and Internet marketers to promote the websites and increase their online visibility.

Today, social media optimisation & marketing has become an integral part of Internet marketing and web promotion strategies.

SMO is also an excellent source to acquire theme based back links for any website. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networking sites can bring loads of traffic to your website and are immensely useful resources to spread word of mouth publicity.

Social media is going to rule the Internet marketing industry in 2010 and we, as Internet marketing strategists, need to exploit its potential to extract the maximum benefit for the websites we promote.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Human Emotions and Landing Pages

I just came across a very good article talking about how human emotions motivate the online business. Of course we do not always think or act rationally. Many, if not all, of our decisions depend on our intuitions and emotions. After all we are all humans, aren’t we?

This fact that our actions are based on our fundamental emotional motivations has provided a new area of consideration to us (Internet Marketers) for building and optimising the landing pages. As defined by Direct marketers Bob Hacker and Axel Andersson, several key copywriting concepts that motivate people to act: fear, greed, guilt, exclusivity, anger, salvation, or flattery. Not one of these motivations is rational -- all of them are rooted in our fundamental and unchanging emotional nature.

So the next time you prepare an Internet marketing plan for a website, along with the robots, take human emotions also into consideration.

YouTube URL Shortener - A Welcome Step

YouTube, being one of the most popular video sharing sites getting much exposure in Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, its introduction of URL shortener for sharing links is a welcome step in the Internet world.

With YouTube's URL shortener, you are sure that the links you are clicking are actually YouTube links. Another added benefit of this feature is that it saves precious character counts when you are sharing links on sites like Twitter that allow limited character counts.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do You Really Need SEO for Your Website?

I have often come across clients / companies, who are doubtful or rather a bit scared to implement SEO for their websites. They are concerned about the delayed results achieved by the process. (We SEOs know that search engine optimization is not a rocket science and it takes a lot of efforts and patience to see the sites ranking on top search pages. Don’t we?) But people who are unaware of the potential of SEO are always reluctant to adopt organic SEO for their websites. Rather, they are happy with the instant results obtained through PPC.

PPC is good. In fact, while preparing an integrated Internet marketing strategy for any project / website, I always consider PPC as a major point as it helps your online business going until your SEO gains momentum.

But, one should never ignore the fact that SEO can do wonders for any business. The latest data of Hitwise shows that the share of paid search traffic has declined by 26% in the past year as compared to other traffic sources. But this should not be taken as a drop in paid search traffic. Rather the opposite is true. In fact, organic search traffic has surpassed that of paid search and the slice of paid search share has become smaller.

So, what do you think now? Does your website really need SEO? Would you really like to lose that major chunk of traffic coming through organic search?

Just rethink……

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