Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How Useful It Is To Hire SEO Experts Or Consultants?

When it comes to promoting any size of type of business online no method can beat the benefits that SEO has. Using this method a business is able to improve its ranking on search engine results pages and this way attract more website traffic and gain visibility and credibility

For quality organic optimizations many companies now hire a outsource SEO Company to ensure that they get the best results. An SEO agency can help you hire SEO expert India consultants and professionals who are skilled and experienced with this method. While some may still question the need for outsourcing and hiring such professionals here are main reasons why this is in fact very useful:

  • It can help save time and also money- It is better to hire experts that are always aware of everything SEO rather than invest in training in house staff. The latter is both time consuming and will not yield that good results
  • Hiring such professionals ensures that everything from on-page optimizations to link building and also social media management is taken care of efficiently
  • You get great insight on how to better your site for conversions. Gaining website traffic is good but unless you get conversions there is nothing to gain. With SEO consultants you get great insight on how to convert visitors effectively
  • You get solutions that are in sync with the latest algorithm updates and thus, cut out the possibility of incurring any penalties

So, if you too want to do well in SEO then an SEO outsourcing services company with SEO professionals and consultants can help you achieve this goal and stay ahead.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Google Dropping Instant Search Feature

If you have ever used Google you would have seen that whenever you start typing a search query you start seeing results even before completion. This feature was introduced many years ago and was named Google Instant. But recently Google has done away with it and it will no longer be functional. This was a result of more than 50% Google searches coming from the mobile platform. The Instant feature that was rolled out in 2010 was considered a big step in online search but now it has come to an end

Now whenever a user searches on Google, he will see search suggestions and results will only be shown once these are clicked or once the user has finished typing. According to Google this change is mainly bought about to unify search on all devices.

Now when you hire SEO experts, make sure they are aware of the changes and consider the new techniques to rank well on SERPs. You may also consider hiring a competent SEO outsourcing India company. 


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