Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is the process of making any website Search Engine friendly or optimizing the site according to the guidelines suggested by the Search Engines. This process helps the crawlers to index and crawl the pages easily and helps to get better ranking in the SERPs. The term on page has come into existence since the activities are done on the web pages directly. The process includes various steps which are as follows:
  1. Unique Title and Meta Tags
  2. Code and Design Optimization
  3. Website Architecture and Site Navigation
  4. Content Optimization
1. Unique Title and Meta Tags
  • Unique title and meta tags are prepared and placed on all the pages based on the theme of the page.
  • Proper alt tags are added for the images.
2. Code and Design Optimization
  • All the inline css are shifted to an external file.
  • The unnecessary spaces are removed.
  • The broken links (if present) are removed.
  • The page size is optimized.
3. Website Architecture and Site Navigation
  • The website hierarchy and text links are made proper so that all the page can be reached from at least one static text link and within three linking levels or clicks.
  • All the pages are linked and the site navigation is made structured.
  • The pages are linked with proper anchor texts (keyword oriented).
  • The important pages are linked directly with the home page.
4. Content Optimization
  • Content is prepared with SEO copywriting and placed on the pages. The important keywords and their synonyms are used with adequate keyword frequency and density.
  • The headings are optimized with the help of header and bold (or italics) tags.
  • If required different font colours and sizes can also be used to optimize the content.
  • The content should be informative and related to the theme of the website.
On page optimization is a very important step towards getting high ranking in the SERPs. Don’t overdo it as the Search Engines penalize for over optimization.



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