Friday, June 06, 2008

How to Get Listed in DMOZ Directory – The Open Directory Project (ODP)

DMOZ is the largest and most comprehensive human edited Open Directory of the web. Being listed in this directory definitely help Google rankings, but getting in can take a very long time. This is due to the fact that often webmasters fail to fulfill the criteria and submission guidelines which lead to rejection for submission. Websites must fulfill certain criteria before being submitted in DMOZ. The websites are manually reviewed for quality and relevance.

Although the directory plays very little role in generating traffic as not many people actually use DMOZ for searches. DMOZ listing can improve your search engine rankings and Google Pagerank dramatically. The DMOZ directory data is syndicated throughout hundreds of web directories and even Google uses this data.

As we all know that Page Rank is an integral part of Google's ranking algorithm, and higher PageRank helps in getting higher rankings in Google SERPs. A listing in DMOZ creates two significant backlinks for your website - one from DMOZ itself and one from the Google directory. This also gets your website links from the thousands of small sites which download and use the DMOZ directory.

Now, there are some points to be remembered while submitting the site in DMOZ. It rejects spammy/MFA sites, sites with too many affiliate links and sites without unique content. Another major reason why a site may be rejected is because of the failure to adhere to submission guidelines. If the Title and Description provided in the submission don't follow the Open Directory's guidelines, then the site gets rejected. While submitting a site, it is very necessary to read and follow submission guidelines.
So, how can you submit a website over the DMOZ, this point is worth pondering. According to some editors of DMOZ, it is a 5 step process. These steps are not official DMOZ submission guidelines but these steps may help. Here are those 5 steps…

  1. Read carefully the submission guidelines: The open directory does not include mirror sites, sites with duplicate and illegal content, or sites consisting largely of affiliate links.

  2. Try to choose and submit in the regional section rather than the main one.

  3. Submit in the appropriate category under which your website belongs.

  4. Follow the guidelines while creating the Title and description for submission.

  5. Make the title official: Sometimes a non promotional description works. Experts advise to use business names a titles.

So, follow the steps listed above and get your website listed in DMOZ directory. And yes don’t forget to continue working on your site to get the desired results.


Danni R. on June 10, 2008 at 6:07 PM said...

I've been waiting to get listed in DMOZ for 4 years now. One website finally got in - then disappeared again from their listings. I never got back in.

Shilpi on June 10, 2008 at 10:18 PM said...

This long wait might be due to many reasons. One of the major reasons for the delay in getting listed is that the editorial team for this open directory is a team of volunteers and the number of editors shown by the directory is actually the total team members who have worked as editors and not the active members.

Another major reason for rejection is that all the editors moderate listings for their individual categories and if the submitted website does not belong to that particular directory, then they simply reject it.

The tragedy is that they do not inform about the rejection, so one does not come to know whether the site is pending for approval or has been rejected by the editorial team.


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