Monday, July 10, 2017

Optimize Local SEO to Keep Pace with Digital Transformation

Digital marketing training programs are catching up pace at a fast pace. It entails that area of study which helps promote products, brands, ideas and even an individual on online platforms. 

Current SEO Trends

SEO has made it possible to find businesses, stores or items located near to you, drastically altering the user’s search objective and behavior. Additional keywords denoting the user’s location are not necessary during the search to find the most suitable result.

SEO makes every search automated and optimized and the recent search trend automatically takes into account ‘near me’ and fetches results near your location.

It is usually observed that 1 search out of 3 searches in Google indicates the local intent, highlighting the user’s definitive objective to find local information in search engine result pages (SERPs). Thus, on-site and off-site strategies for optimizing local SEO have risen to prominence.

Parameters to Optimize Local SEO

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
It’s best to give due importance to title tags and meta descriptions, which consequently gets reflected in SERPs as normal text.

Google has recently expanded the width of the SERPs from 512px to 600px, wherein title tags could range from 40 to 50 characters and meta descriptions can be within a limit of 160 characters.

Keyword research
It is highly essential to carry out an extensive research on keywords as that is the basic pillar of the SEO strategy.

Putting the right keywords in place will boost web traffic and improve the page rankings. 

As enterprises are increasingly moving towards the digital domain, there are long-term prospects that one can maximize by following these guidelines. they are either hiring a dedicated SEO expert or outsource SEO needs to a good agency or offshore partner. They take care of all SEO needs to get higher ranks for the websites. there are many good outsourcing SEO companies in India who are providing superior outsourcing services to their offshore partners.



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