Tuesday, March 18, 2008

25 Free Link Building Tips

25 Great Ways to Get Free One Way Backlinks for Your Website

  1. Write articles and submit in niche article directories with a link back to your website in the resource section.
  2. Write informative articles so that other sites reprint and publish it on their sites with your link in the resource.
  3. Participate in forums and create a signature link that points to your website.
  4. Comments on other blogs with a link back to your website.
  5. Do viral marketing for your website.
  6. Participate in yahoo answers and put a link to your website in the signature.
  7. Participate in Google Groups.
  8. Write news worthy press releases and publish in Online PR sites.
  9. Submit your site to free web directories.
  10. Create a blog and do the postings regularly. The most important thing is post great content which attracts visitors and gets you link.
  11. Review a product or company and if your remarks are positive, email the company and ask to feature your remark in their press section.
  12. Add a link for “bookmark this site” on your site.
  13. Create a freebie product like ebooks, whitepapers, free and original tools etc. to give away.
  14. Hold a competition or opinion poll for the Top 10, 50 or 100 (you can decide the number) websites in your niche. Post the result and watch lots of the sites giving you a link back to say what their position was.
  15. Submit relevant and informative videos to video sharing sites like YouTube and Metacafe with lot of substance. Don’t forget to include a link in the description and within the actual video.
  16. Create pages on places like Squidoo, Hubpages etc. and put links to your website.
  17. Place free classified ads on relevant online classified sites.
  18. Conduct an open survey and publish the results. Also make sure you let people know about it.
  19. Try to get listed in Google’s News search but make sure that your site contains unique and quality content.
  20. If your company is fairly good and reputed one, create a page about it in the Wikipedia.
  21. Submit a story to Digg or del.icio.us that links back to an article on your website.
  22. Publish RSS feeds for your content.
  23. Review related websites on Alexa.
  24. Swap some links (but make sure don’t over do it) with relevant partners.
  25. Start networking and creating a positive buzz to attract traffic.



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